Project Application Form and Letter of Commitment

Please carefully read all conditions and ensure all requested information is accurately entered. Inaccurate information will affect your token listing.

To protect the interests of our users and investors, all listed projects must pass a detailed assessment conducted by OQEX and meet conditions including but not limited to the following.

I. Conditions to listing token:

1.Pass OQEX's initial review.

2.The project must have technical value and/or real application.

3.Pass OQEX's risk assessment.

4.Project must continually provide updates to the OQEX team in a timely manner.

5.Pass DeepIt or Certik code audit test.

II. Procedure:II. Procedure/Steps:

1.Initial review: OQEX will conduct initial review to the project, and the result will be emailed to the project team.

2.Listing conditions: OQEX will email the listing conditions to project team.

3.Confirmation: Complete and sign the Application Form and Letter of Commitment to confirm acceptance.

4.Transfer token listing fees.

5.Token listed for trading on OQEX.

III. Rules for token delisting:

1.The official team at time of listing has been dissolved.

2.Wallet of the token faces technical problems affecting operations and/or trading.

3.Token supply increases outside of previously defined parameters and/or conducts malicious trading on the OQEX platform.

4.The operation team of the project asks to stop the marketing due to the strategic adjustment and the need of development.

5.Weekly transaction volume lower than 100 thousands USDT and/or limited deposits remaining on OQEX.

6.Failure to provide OQEX with weekly/monthly reports to [email protected]

7.Other matters not meeting conditions for continued trading.

If you agree OQEX's terms and conditions related to all new token listing applications go to  listing application